Lamar Lythadros

An old man, current Goldmage of Kevla


Race: Halfling
Magic: Goldmage
Age: Old (older than one full season)
Residence: Kevla


Lamar Lamar, the only goldmage of your province has grey hair, rapidly turning white and of all children born in the winter including the last five births only eight children were blessed with auras, three healing blessed and five growth blessed, a good thing, as winter is ending, but you know this means you are running out of time to prepare a goldmage to take position after Lamar passes on. There will only be one more harvest of winter crops before a goldmage will be needed to aid in summer planting – three tira (108 days) at most, two if the young mage is to train at all with Lamar before being called to help break drought for the first crops of summer.

Lamar is well known as an excellent teacher of both water-craft and scientific-healing, well enough that some swear he must also have the healing aura, an impossible claim. He is well known and well respected. But he is an old man, almost as old as the ending winter (Bomes’ Soun), and it’s truly a wonder that he has served as the entire township’s goldmage for almost all of that time. Even the town elders have been known to bow to his advice, and the region trusts both his skill and judgement.

Lamar Lythadros

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