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Greenmages are effectively material scientists and structural engineers. The magic greenmages’ practice requires a tremendous amount of study and intuition for the organization and structure of materials. Greenmages know that the only difference between graphite and diamond is the pattern of the matrix that the carbon is held to. Rocks are not alive in the same sense as people or animals because their components are not conscious the same way blood is. Greenmages lack the ability to communicate with blood, and thus, they cannot heal or generate tissue. Plants have a thin network of blood at their core, but are structurally composed mainly of chlorophyll, a complex structure that reproduces itself in sunlight, building itself from materials and the traces of water it can gather from the air. Greenmages can effectively grow a plant from dirt as fast as the blood-core from the plant’s seed can spread through the new chlorophyll. However, a large new plant will die almost instantly if it is not provided with all of the nutrients it needs, including water, thus, a greenmage can approximately triple the length of time a field will survive a drought, making them very valuable given the scarcity of water and goldmages.

General Uses of Green Magic:

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Greenmages can…


Greenmage summary spellchart

Greenmage-Specific Spells:

With the exception of the partial form level 0 spells, mages must learn every spell from an instructor familiar with it. Typically, a mage’s education takes place in “levels” – and the progression between levels requires considerable study. (See Learning and Practicing Spells for details).

Every spell has a:

  • Physical knot used to correctly instruct the energy
  • Concentration check (CC) that must be passed in order to cast the spell (the same for all spells of a given level)
  • Minimum ravel requirement, R – used to calculate the amount of magical focusing energy necessary to cast the spell — for details about using ravel, see Casting
  • Range of effects for the full form of the spell and given the skill level (SL) check — for details about charges, see Casting and Making Knots
  • Range of effects for the partial form the spell and given the SL check
  • Default SL modifier that is applied to the skill check
  • Casting time (a full round action unless otherwise specified) — for details about casting see: Casting
LEVEL 0 SPELLS (CC: 5, SLmod:0)
LEVEL 1 SPELLS (CC: 10, SLmod:-4)
LEVEL 2 SPELLS (CC: 10, SLmod:-8)
LEVEL 3 SPELLS (CC: 15, SLmod:-12)
LEVEL 4 SPELLS (CC: 20, SLmod:-18/-20)


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