Mage Types

Knot for healing wounds

The energy for any particular task is bound to its purpose by being called through a knot of blue and appropriately colored mana. So, one must know the knot needed for a particular endeavor and know its purpose well enough to call the energy through it – teach it, so to speak, what to do. Mages are those who have the ability to see and summon energy this way. Once the energy is called, a mage controls and directs this energy in the world using their control of the energy through the knot to communicate with and shape the energy.

A person is only ever blessed with one of the five auras, and usually it is discovered at birth, sometimes even before birth as one blessed with any aura and with sufficient skill can see the energy patterns bent around the baby in the womb.

Pregnant woman

Signs that a Pregnancy is Blessed

A Redmage will warm himself and his mother instinctively, a Whitemage instinctively calms his mother during pregnancy and partially heals his mother during birth, a Greenmage matures in six months instead of nine, and a Goldmage pulls water into his mother from the air, causing her to not need to drink during the last three months of pregnancy. Blackmage fetuses drain their mothers of life and destroy her from the inside. Thus, few blackmages ever survive to birth, and those who do almost always drain their mother of life during the trauma of birth, killing her. By tradition and law, midwives will kill those babies whose mothers die in childbirth. As a result, there are no Blackmages.

The Four Magical Disciplines


White is the magic of the blood – the blood of all living things on Lly (people, animals, plants) is white. Whitemages see the patterns of the blood’s energy that exist naturally, and can augment or add energy to these patterns.

Greenmage crest

Green is the magic of material structure. Greenmages can rearrange inanimate structures, including wood and the structural parts of plants. They can also shape metal and stone, although it requires a great deal of skill and knowledge of a substance’s organization to reform the material structurally.

Redmage crest

Red is the magic of motion. The signature ability of redmages is fire-starting, which requires both channeling energy into the material of the flammable substance, and channeling air to the flame once it is lit. Powerful redmages are also known for their ability to fly or even enable a craft to fly by channeling air under wings engineered in the image of similar engineering used by the ancients.

Goldmage crest

Gold is known as the magic of water. However, in general, it is actually the magic of summoning and sending and can be used to summon or send elements, creatures, people, and messages. However, as water is the scarcest and generally the most needed substance on Lly, most goldmages spend their energy summoning water for public water storage and to fields of crops.

Specialization Within a Discipline

There are only four common colors of mana used for common magic, but different mages have different natural skills, even within their colors. There are different paths within the aura – the ability to ignite wood and feed it oxygen are both elements of the ability of redmages, however there exist redmages who seem more able to create fire, even, in rare cases to create lightning; and there exist redmages who seem more able to call the air, even control its flow well enough to glide on its currents with a simple winged contraption borrowed from the Ancients’ original design. So a mage might specialize in a path within their color.

Power and Skill

To an extent, a mage can be classified with an overall power level that can be very high, even for a young mage – their potential so to speak. In a sense, this power level represents the ease with which they can call larger amounts of energy to their work.

Mages have both a power level and a skill level – the power level is natural, and can be measured by demonstration or by the observation of a skilled mage. It is the strength of will and nature. The skill level is learned and practiced – it is the strength of understanding and precision. A mage’s power level can change with time and experience, even experiences seemingly unrelated to magic have been known to change mages apparent power level.


For details about how power level and skill level are applied, see:
Creating a Mage
and Casting

Mage Types

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