Magic and Mythos

There are Six Great Gods, viewed as the essence of the world, in older tradition, they are viewed as literally, what the world is composed of, you can think of them as deities or as materials.

God’s Name God’s Provinces Mana Color Uses Rarity
Or God of Water, Life, Light, and Death Goldmana spells concerning water rare
Vert God of Land, Birth, and Growth Greenmana spells concerning material structure and growth common
Azure God of Knowledge, Art, Magic, Sky and Stars Bluemana required for all magic common
Gules God of Heat, Cold, Strength, Endurance and Animals Redmana spells for motion and heat uncommon
Argent God of The Afterlife, Peace, Law, and Virtue Whitemana spells for healing creature: blood magic (blood is white) uncommon
Sable God of The Edge Blackmana use banned, blackmages are killed at birth common

The written form of a god’s name is a closed knot:
Gods knotsand names

Knot for healing wounds
The Children of gods are viewed as types of power that can be recognized and channeled. Alone, a color has pure nature, but any complexity requires a pattern between two or more colors. These color pairs are mostly aesthetic, although they play a more important role in magic, for which the secondary color is always blue. Magic is called by one with the appropriate aura and channeled through carefully tied totems to change the shape of the world’s energy and affect one’s surroundings. These totoms are made with mainly bluemana, but the pattern is created by a small amount of mana of the appropriate primary color. For example, to the right is a totum used to heal wounds.


Think of mana as flax or another fibrous plant-like material. Blue mana is typically sold in skeins, for the purposes of knotting with another color for magic. A totem can be used multiple times, but loses strength the more times it is used — like mages, it has a “ravel” amount, however, unlike mages, this amount does not recharge. A mage of sufficient strength and skill can identify how much totem-ravel left. For ease of use, it has become custom to attach blue beads to a knot to identify how much ravel remains. Knots made by those highly skilled and/or those with stronger natural aura are stronger than those made by a novice.


Magic and Mythos

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